Author: Gökhan AYDIN

Hidizs DH1000 Review

The Hidizs DH1000 is a very well build device with an eye catching design, which has a fairly detailed and transparent sound …..

Astrotec Lyra Collection Review

The Lyra Collection (32 Ohm) is maybe not a very affordable earbud and has many competitors at the market; but Astrotec offers an product with solid build quality, in a luxurious package, with impressive sound quality, that outperforms many IEM’s with almost twice the price …..

Brainwavz S0 review

The company Brainwavz is a well-known Asian Hi-Fi Audio Company, which is known for their affordable audio products. The Brainwavz S0 is one of there entry level products which futures a Clearwavz Remote control ….

Meze 12 Classics review

The Meze 12 Classics is a very well made IEM with a wonderful wooden housing, which has a quite detailed sound with a balanced sound signature that will satisfy its owner for a price of 79,00 USD ….

Fiio F9 PRO review

After the success of Fiio F9, they announced in November 2017 a new upgrade model called F9 Pro, which is the company’s second hybrid in-ear monitor (IEM) model, which i will now review for you ….