[NEWS] Dethonray Pegasus SG1: The Brand New Portable BT DAC/AMP





[NEWS] Dethonray Pegasus SG1:

The Brand New Portable BT DAC/AMP



Dethonray is a well know audio brand that released some popular portable audio products such like the Prelude DTR1 & DTR+ Digital Audio Player and Honey H1 DAC/Amplifier. The company is now about to release a brand new DAC/Amplifier the Pegasus SG1 that features ESS Sabre’s ES9038Q2M DAC Chip, Hi-Res Bluetooth audio Transmission, an advanced LPF circuit and in-house developed DPPU power (Desktop Plus Power Unit) system.




Price & Availability:

The MSRP price of the Dethonray Pegasus SG1 will be 399US$. More information can be found under the link below;






Technical Specifications: 

  • DAC                            : ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M
  • Bluetooth Codecs       : LDAC, APTX HD, AptX LL, AptX L, AptX, AAC, MP3, SBC
  • Output Ports               : 3.5mm Single-Ended and 4.4mm Balanced Output
  • Output Level               : 2.4V(32Ω, 3.5mm), 2V(32Ω, 4.4mm)
  • THD+N                       : 0.0008%
  • SNR                            : 115dB
  • Frequency Response : 20Hz-20kHz
  • Battery capacity          : 4000mAh
  • Battery Life                 : up to 8.5 Hours
  • Dimensions                 : 118x 58 x 16mm
  • Weight                        : 186grams




ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M Digital to Analog Converter:

The Dethonray Pegasus SG1 comes with ESS Sabre’s ES9038Q2M DAC chip, which is a 32-Bit D/A converter that supports a patented 32bit Hyperstream DAC architecture. It has been paired by Dethonray with a specially designed LPF filter & Headphone amplification circuit.



Desktop Plus Power Unit & Dual Headphone Output:

Dethonray Pegasus SG1 adopts their in-house developed Desktop Plus Power Unit (DPPU). It’s an advanced power system designed for high-fidelity sound performance with independent suppliers to the digital and analog circuits. Similar to a high-end DAP and AMP system, but with a minimal path and hard-soldered joints in order to increase the sound performance. The DPPU power system of the Pegasus SG1 has been implemented to eliminate the digital circuit noise to archive a cleaner sound output.


The Dethonray Pegasus SG1 comes with dual headphone output ports featuring a 3.5mm SE (Single Ended) and 4.4mm Balanced (TRRRS) headphone outputs, which are currently the most widely used interfaces.


Customizable Sound Timbre:

Dethonray has designed the Pegasus SG1 in such a way that users can customize their experience with firmware upgrades. The output timbre can be customized through different firmware. Firmware’s affect the tuning of the DAC and the LPF circuit hence bringing a change to the overall output.



Aluminium Alloy Chassis & Unique Volume Knob Design:

The Dethonray Pegasus SG1 comes with a CNC machined aluminium alloy chassis with a smooth surface finish that will be available in two different colour options, which are Serenade (Black) and Rhapsody (Red).

The Pegasus SG1 will also have a unique volume knob design with a specially optimized touch and feel algorithm that will have a finish in gold colour.

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