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Magaosi K3Pro 2.0 Review

The Magaosi K3Pro 2.0 is a real bang for the buck. It has a good sound, a solid metal housing (no plastic used) and lots of accessories ….

Periodic Audio Be Review

The Periodic Audio Be is a good choice if you are looking for a great bass performance and overall clarity of the sound …..


The Colorfly BT-C1 is a small but very capable device that will change the prejudices against Bluetooth devices, due the surprisingly uncolored and detailed sound for a Bluetooth DAC/AMP which is sold for a reasonable price ….

LEAR LUF Kaleido Review

The LEAR LUF Kaleido is an eye catching In-Ear Monitor with great build quality and relaxing presentation, which is sold for a reasonable price, especially if you chose the CIEM variant ……

Simphonio Xcited2 Review

The Simphonio Xcited2 is quite sensitive and easy to drive IEM with an impedance of 16 Ohm’s, which makes it to an ideal table earphone for portable sources like smartphones, DAP’s and tablets …..