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FiiO FH5 IEM Review

The FH5 is an eye-catching IEM with its beautiful shell design and robust craftsmanship. But this would not be enough if it doesn’t have had a good sound such as it looks like …..

Vsonic Ares Review

The Vsonic Ares is very unique looking In-Ear Monitor with a great bass performance and full bodied presentation that offers also a fatigue free listening …..

Fiio M7 Review

The Fiio M7 gives you all what you should expect form a $200 USD device. The M7 is a DAP with a warm tonality, which shares a moderate level of detail and a soft/relaxing sound …..

Fiio F9 PRO review

After the success of Fiio F9, they announced in November 2017 a new upgrade model called F9 Pro, which is the company’s second hybrid in-ear monitor (IEM) model, which i will now review for you ….