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TFZ King II IEM Review

The TFZ King II is an entertaining In-Ear Monitor with a musical presentation that is accurate enough for most modern genres …

ANEW U1 Review

The In-Ear Monitor with a dynamic driver that has the bass and treble response of a balanced armature driver.

TFZ Queen Review

The TFZ Queen is one of my favorite IEM’s when it comes to design, comfort and build quality. ….

Semkarch SKC-CNT1 Review

The Semkarch SKC CNT1 is a fairly priced In-Ear Monitor with its great bass response, entertaining tuning and two sound tuning filters, which are helping to fine tune the overall sound signature ….

iBasso IT04 Review

The iBasso IT04 is a milestone in the evolution of the companies In-Ear Monitor history. It looks sexy …..

The Penon CS819 Review

I can recommend the CS819 those who want an improving in the sound quality, but also expect good workmanship and aesthetics for a relative reasonable price ….

Fiio F9 PRO review

After the success of Fiio F9, they announced in November 2017 a new upgrade model called F9 Pro, which is the company’s second hybrid in-ear monitor (IEM) model, which i will now review for you ….