Alpha & Delta 8 Core SPC Cable Review









Alpha&Delta 8 Core SPC Cable Review

On Step Closer to Perfection!



Alpha&Delta is a Singapore based brand that was founded of audiophiles with experience in the earphones retail industry. The Alpha&Delta 8 Core SPC cable is a relative new product of the company who is specialized in Universal In-Ear Monitors such as like the AD D6, D3, AD01, JAAP (wireless model) etc. that are targeting different user profiles.




I would like to thank Alpha & Delta for providing me the Alpha & Delta 8 Core SPC Cable as a review sample. I am not affiliated with Alpha & Delta beyond this review and these words reflect my true, unaltered opinions about the product.




The MSRP price for the Alpha&Delta 8 Core SPC Cable is 79.00 USD and can be purchased under the link below;

Purchase Link:



Package and Accessories:

The Alpha&Delta 8 Core SPC cable came in a transparent plastic bag with and was containing the following items;

  • 1 pcs x Alpha & Delta 8 Core SPC MMCX or 2Pin Cable
  • 1 pcs x Leather Case
  • 1 pcs x Leather Cable Wrap


The leather case and leather cable wrap that are part of the package are of high quality material and are looking very nice.




Design and Build Quality:

The Alpha&Delta SPC cable is made of 8 Core Silver Plated Copper (SPC) wire and each of those cores are containing 22X 0.05 silver plated copper. The 8 Core design ensures, according to Alpha&Delta, that the earphone continues to work, even if one of the cables breaks.

The cable wire is has a semi-transparent soft TPU coating that has shows low microphonic effect.

The Alpha&Delta SPC is available in two connector variants and those are with MMCX (Micro Miniature Coaxial) and with 0.78mm 2-Pin male connectors. Each connector housing sports a rubber strain relief.

Both the MMCX and the 2Pin male connectors have a silver metal housing with left and right markings (blue for left and red for the right side).


The Y-splitter of the cable sports the Alpha&Delta brand logo and is made of metal in gunmetal color. The housing of the y-splitter sports also black rubber strain reliefs on both sides.

The 3.5mm L-Angled headphone jack is protected by a spring and sports a housing that is made of two materials; those are the black rubber material and the metal part that has a gunmetal color.

The overall build quality of the Alpha&Delta 8 Core SPC cable is solid!




Technical Specifications:

  • Material           : Silver Plated Cooper (SPC)
  • Cores               : 8 core wires (each core contains 22X 0.05 silver plated copper wires)
  • Cord Length    : 1.2m
  • Plug                 : 3.5mm, gold plated



Equipments used for this review:

  • Cables            : Alpha & Delta 8 Core SPC, iBasso CB12s
  • IEM’s              : iBasso IT01, Anew U1
  • DAP’s             : Astell&Kern A&norma SR15, FiiO M3K



The Sound:

I have tested the Alpha Delta 8 Core SPC Cable with the iBasso IT01 and the Anew U1 and want now to compare the changes and improvements over their stock cables for you.


Bass / Midrange / Treble:

The first significant change in the bass is the speed that is adding the Alpha & Delta SPC to the iBasso IT01. The stock cable have has an average bass speed, while the Alpha&Delta SPC is improving the speed. The bass quantity with the IT01 stock cable was pretty good, but the Alpha&Delta SPC is adding speed, but has slightly less bass quantity.

The Alpha&Delta SPC cable shows the same effects that I have noticed with the IT01. It is adding speed to the bass, but the decrease in quantity is lower than with those of the IT01 stock cable.

The stock cable of the iBasso IT01 shows an average transparency in the midrange, while the Anew U1 has slightly more transparency. The Alpha&Delta SPC cable on the other hand is shows a clearly noticeable improvement in transparency, clearness and airiness compared to both IEM’s stock cables.

Especially female vocals are sounding now more pleasant due to the improvement in the upper midrange. With the increased airiness on both IEM’s, the instruments that are playing in the background became more apparent and a better instrument separation was achieved.

The Alpha & Delta SPC cable made the upper frequencies of both, iBasso IT01 Anew U1 more prominent and gave them a better treble extension and an additional sparkle.

There is a noticeable increase in treble quantity that can be heard in instruments such like violins, cymbals and pianos.

The Alpha & Delta SPC cable is also adding additional width and airiness to the soundstage.  The soundstage of Anew U1 and iBasso IT01 expanded more than the stock cable, but the depth remained almost the same. In addition, both IEM’s with SPC cable gained a better instrument separation and transparency.



iBasso CB12s versus Alpha&Delta SPC:

Both the Alpha & Delta 8Core SPC and the iBasso CB12s are successful cables for their price, and I’ve tried and compared both with the iBasso IT01 and the Anew U1.

The Alpha&Delta SPC cable led to a significant speed in the bass of the iBasso IT01 and Anew U1. The basses were more controlled and tight, but the amount was slightly reduced.

The iBasso CB12s on the other hand, is behind the SPC cable in terms of bass speed and tightness. The CB12s increased the bass of both IEM’s compared to the Alpha&Delta SPC where we seen a decrease in quantity.

The Alpha & Delta SPC cable gave iBasso IT01 and Anew U1 more transparency, clarity and airiness in the midrange, while the iBasso CB12s added a more emotional/musical tonality, but is showing slightly less transparency and clarity to the sound than those of the Alpha&Delta SPC.

The separation of instruments with both cables is significantly better than the stock cables of those IEM’s.

The Alpha & Delta SPC cable is more successful in terms of transparency, while the iBasso CB12s is more musical in its presentation.

The Alpha&Delta SPC cable added additional extension and sparkle to the treble range of the iBasso IT01 and Anew U1, while the iBasso CB12s is adding warmth and sparkle to the sound, which makes the Alpha & Delta SPC more successful in terms of airiness and extension. The iBasso CB12s on the other hand is more successful in terms of treble warmness and musicality.

Both cables are adding additional width to the soundstage. The soundstage width has increased with both cables, while the iBasso CB12s added slightly more depth to the stage than those of the Alpha&Delta SPC cable.



The Alpha & Delta 8 Core SPC cable is a well made product with noticeable improvements in the sound quality over the stock cables of the In-Ear Monitors I have tested. Improvements such as bass speed, midrange transparency and clarity along with better instrument separation could be the selling point of that cable.



Pros and Cons:

  • + Bass speed
  • + Midrange clarity and transparency
  • + Improvement of the instrument separation
  • + Build quality
  • + Nice leather case and cable wrap


  • – Decrease of the bass quantity (maybe a matter of personal preference)
  • – Small amount of microphonic effect

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