Category: DAP

Fiio M7 Review

The Fiio M7 gives you all what you should expect form a $200 USD device. The M7 is a DAP with a warm tonality, which shares a moderate level of detail and a soft/relaxing sound …..

Hidizs AP60II review

The Hidizs AP60II, tiny but talented…     1. Introduction: After the success of AP60 first generation, Hidizs decided to launch the newest HiFi music player of the Hidizs family, the new AP60 II. 2. Disclaimer: First of all, a...

Cayin N5II review

Cayin N5II; the New Hero in the Mid-Fi Arena   About Cayin: Zhuhai Spark Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. The company is developing audio equipment and is marketing there Hi-Fi products under the name Cayin. Cayin ventured...