MEE audio MMCX Balanced Audio Cable with Adapter Set review

MEE audio Universal MMCX Balanced Audio Cable with Adapter Set; The “Swiss Army Knife” in the World of IEM cables.




First of all, I want to thank MEE audio for providing me this MEE audio Universal MMCX Balanced Audio Cable with Adapter Set. I am not affiliated with MEE audiobeyond this review and these words reflect my true, unaltered, opinion about the product.

About MEE audio:

MEE Audio is established in the USA and is crafting headphones, earphone and audio accessories, etc. since 2005.

The Price:

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (in short MSRP) of the MEE audioUniversal MMCX Balanced Audio Cable with Adapter Set is 99,99 USD.

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I will describe the Universal MMCX Balanced Audio Cable with Adapter Set in short as “Balanced Upgrade Cable” during this review.

What’s in the package?

The MEE audio balanced upgrade cable comes in a rectangular card box with a transparent plastic window that shows the following items inside the box;


  • 1 Pcs of Silver-plated Copper (SPC) Cable with MMCX connector and 2.5mm Balanced Headphone Jack
  • 1 Pcs of 4.4mm Balanced (Pentaconn) Adaptor
  • 1 Pcs of 3.5mm Balanced (TRRS) Adaptor
  • 1 Pcs of 3.5mm Single Ended (SE) Adaptor

Some technical details about the adapters;


Additional information’s about this upgrade cable;

The MEE Audio Balanced Upgrade Cable is made of a Silver Plated Copper (SPC) wire with %99.99 purity that has MMCX (Micro-Miniature Coaxial) connectors, compatible with MEE audio products and other earphones that are using MMCX connectors.


This Upgrade Cable has a fully balanced design with a 4-core construction that has two isolated conductors per channel, which is braided for strength and a tangle-resistance.


The build quality of this cable looks rock solid and the gunmetal colored plastic isolation have no micro-phonic effects.



About the Sound;

I will compare the Balanced Upgrade Cable with the Stock cable of the Pinnacle P2 and have burn-in this cable for at least 100 Hours.

The first thing I have noticed is that the balanced upgrade cable adds additional body to the sound and bass better bass extension than the stock cable.

As for speed, smoothness, depth and controllability, I found the upgrade cable a bit more mature sounding then the stock cable.

The two cables are also successful in vocals. The upgrade cable sounds warmer and more emotional with female vocals than the stock one.

Both cables are successful by presenting instruments, but the upgrade cable wins when it comes to clarity and instrument accentuation / emphasis.

The stock cable sounds a bit aggressive in upper midrange, while the upgrade cable has some aggressiveness it changes the game with its better control over the upper midrange.

The two cables have a nearly similar performance in the treble region. The main difference is in the treble extension where the upgrade cable shows a better performance. It has also better control over the upper treble region and has also more micro details.

There are also some differences for soundstage presentation. The increasing of depth and width while using the upgrade cable over the stock cable is noticeable. Also the instrument placement benefits from the upgrade cable.



The MEE audio Universal MMCX Balanced Audio Cable with Adapter Set is a great cable package for a reasonable price. It has a solid build; it improves the sound quality and has a great adapter set that makes it to a “Swiss Army Knife” in the world of IEM cables.


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