[NEWS] MITER Announced Leather Case for Chord Mojo 2





MITER Announced Leather Case for the Chord Mojo 2


MITER is a Korean company that is well know with its Leather Cases for DAP’s (Sony, Iriver, iBasso FiiO, Chord, Hiby), DAC’s (Chord Mojo) Phones (Apple), eBooks (Sony, Crema, Paper), Tablets (Samsung) and TWS Earphones (Sony).


MITER Official Web Page: http://www.miter.co.kr/


MITER is about tor release a special Leather Case for the long awaited Chord Mojo 2 that has been released recently. MITER plans to release the case in Black, Turkish Blue, Dark Green and Red color, which will be made from Italy made Pueblo Leather & PU Leather (Polyurethane Leather) material.


Here are some early pictures of the upcoming Chord Mojo 2 MITER Case.



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