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Moondrop Variations Latest Tribrid 2EST+2BA+1DD IEMs Launched


Moondrop has officially released its highly-anticipated tribrid set of IEMs, the Moondrop Variations. It has been one of the most anticipated projects from Moondrop in recent times. With Variations, Moondrop is bringing us three different technologies put together inside 3D printed ear cavities. The pair utilizes the power of a powerful Dynamic driver, two High-Performance Balanced Armature drivers, and two Highly-Resolving Electrostatic drivers to push the limits of high-resolution audio and produce an all-new experience for its users. 

Moondrop Variations has a price tag of 520$.




  • Tribrid Configuration.
  • 10mm LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Driver. 
  • Sonion High-Performance Dual EST Drivers. 
  • Softears Customized Dual Midrange Balanced Armature Drivers. 
  • Moondrop’s VDSF Target Response Tuning. 
  • Low Non-Linear Distortion. 
  • Highly-Consistent Full-Frequency Phase Response. 
  • Medical-Resin 3D Printed filter cavity. 
  • Sand-blasted Stainless Steel Facepanel. 
  • 6N High-Purity Single Crystal Copper Cable. 
  • Replaceable Termination Plugs. 
  • Standard 0.78mm Two-Pin Connectors.


Technical Specifications:

  • Impedance: 15.2 ohms. 
  • Frequency Response Range: 9Hz-40kHz. 
  • Effective Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz. 
  • Sensitivity: 118dB/Vrms. 
  • THD+N: <1%@1kHz. 



Perfect Tribrid Configuration For Perfect Sound:-

Moondrop has carefully chosen the driver configuration for the Variations. They have experience in implementing EST drivers before like in their flagship Solis IEMs. Moondrop has equipped the Variations with a five-driver configuration in a three-way crossover. A 10mm large LCP diaphragm dynamic driver is tuned for the lower-end response, two Softears customized balanced armature drivers are tuned for the mid-range response, and two Sonion EST drivers are there for the treble frequency response.


Highly-Consistent Full-Frequency Response:

Moondrop has improved over the hybrid crossover design of Blessings 2. This has been done to achieve a highly consistent full-frequency response. They have designed a 3D printed precision acoustic channel combined with damping materials. Variations show very ideal frequency response with phase indicators.



Ergonomic Fit With Skin-Friendly Resin Material:

Moondrop uses high-precision 3D-printing technology to design ergonomically shaped ear cavities providing a comfortable fit for most users. The cavity here in Variations is made using high-quality medical-grade resin material with the same high-precision 3D printing process. The cavities have sand-blasted and hand-polished stainless steel face panels.


Moondrop’s VDSF Target Response Tuning:- 

Moondrop Variations is tuned based on Moondrop’s famous VDSF target response to bring a true and accurate sound response with a wide sound stage presentation. With its  tribrid driver configuration, the pair achieves a total harmonic distortion of less than 1%.


High-Purity Single Crystal Copper Cable With Detachable Termination Plug: 

Moondrop Variations comes bundled with a high-purity PCC Coaxial Monocrystalline copper cable that adopts a coaxial structure with replaceable termination plugs. The package includes 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4mm balanced termination plugs. The high-purity single-crystal copper material ensures a pure sound signal transmission with low internal resistance.


Easy To Power:

With a low impedance rating of just 15.2 ohms and high sensitivity of 118dB/Vrms, the Moondrop Variations is a highly sensitive pair. It can be powered right off a regular smartphone without the need for any external amplifier or extra devices.






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