HiFiMAN Arya Organic Review



HiFiMAN Arya Organic Review



HiFiMAN was founded by Dr. Fang in New York – USA and is one of the most well-known personal audio companies in the audiophile word that offers a wide variety of Hi-Fi Reference and Premium class products like Portable Audio Players, Planar Magnetic & Dynamic Driver Headphones, Desktop Amplifiers, Earphones, IEM’s and TWS Headphones & Monitors.

The HiFiMAN Arya Organic is a full-sized, open-back headphone, the successor to the original Arya and Arya-Stealth Magnet versions. It features a planar magnetic driver with a nanometer-thin diaphragm and submicron-thickness conductors. This driver is paired with the latest Stealth Magnet design, which utilizes a special shape to allow sound waves to pass through the magnets with minimal interference, resulting in reduced distortion and improved audio clarity.



I would like to thank HiFiMAN for providing the Arya Organic as review sample. I am not affiliated with HiFiMAN beyond this review and all these words are reflecting my true and unaltered opinions about the product.


Price & Availability:

The actual price of HiFiMAN Arya Organic planar headphone is $1299.00 USD. More information’s about the availability can be found under the link bellow;


Package & Accessories:

The HiFiMAN ARYA Organic came inside box made from recycled cardboard in brown color. On the top of the box is a black strip with the illustration of the Arya Orgnic and some product related brandings.

Inside the box are the following items;

  • 1 x HiFiMAN Arya Organic Headphone
  • 1 x Detachable cable with 3.5mm plugs and 6.35mm headphone jack (150cm long)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Print Material (Warranty Card, Product Advertising, etc.)

What I would expect from such a premium headphone an additional cable with 3.5mm TRS or even 4.4mm Pentaconn (TRRRS) balanced plug to use with a portable device.

However, thee headphone stand made of polyurethane material is a nice addition.


Design, Build Quality, Comfort:

The Arya Organic inherits the same asymmetrically shaped ear cups as its predecessors, a design choice widely praised for its exceptional ergonomics, particularly for individuals with larger earlobes (helix). While the design and overall appearance remain largely similar to the original Arya and Arya Stealth Magnets, the wooden pattern on the ear cups offers a distinct visual update.

HiFiMAN’s oval ear cup design, a signature seen in the Arya, HE1000, and Ananda series, is my personal favorite. The Arya Organic strike a balance between sturdiness and lightweight construction thanks to their combination of metal and high-grade plastic.

These open-back headphones feature HiFiMAN’s unique “Window Shade” system, designed to safeguard the delicate planar magnetic drivers while optimizing the open-back natüre.

The ear cups of the Arya Organic boast a wooden pattern (uncertain if real wood or high-quality imitation) that elevates the headphones’ aesthetics and exudes a premium look and feel.

The replaceable ear pads boast a comfortable, fabric surface and black pleather exterior. Their asymmetrical design conforms naturally to the shape of the human ear, similar to orther models of the comapny.

Thin fabric layers within the ear cups shield the ultra-thin planar magnetic diaphragms from dust and other small particles, ensuring their longevity.

At the bottom of each ear cup are 3.5mm TRRRS female connectors that do fit fairly tight to the sockets on the detachable cable.

The headband inherits the same design of its predecessor, utilizing a combination of robust materials like spring steel, metal, and high-grade plastic. This design ensures sturdiness while maintaining comfort through a perforated pleather (top) and polyester (bottom) construction.

The clamping force provides a secure fit without causing discomfort during extended listening sessions.

The headband features a slightly stiff but sturdy adjustment mechanism adorned with the HiFiMAN logo on both sides. A 360-degree rotating mechanism allows for a personalized fit, with clear left/right markings and securing screws for stability.


Drivability & Pairing:

The HiFiMAN Arya Organic boasts a relatively low impedance of 16 ohms and a sensitivity of 94dB. This combination makes it more amplifier-friendly compared to its predecessors. While the FiiO Q15 (Portable DAC/AMP) and the iBasso DX260 (DAP) can easily power the Arya Organic adequately through its 3.5mm single-ended output, pairing it with a dedicated Desktop Amplifier or DAC/Amplifier is highly recommended for optimal performance.

For instance, the Soncoz QXA1 Amplifier and the FiiO K9 DAC/Amplifier demonstrates excellent synergy with the Arya Organic, unlocking its full potential and delivering a superior listening experience.


Technical Specifications:

  • Driver Type                            : Planar Magnetic Driver with Nanometer Thickness Diaphragm
  • Impedance                             : 16Ω
  • Sensitivity                               : 94dB
  • Frequency Response             : 8 Hz – 65kHz
  • Weight                                    : 440grams inclusive cable
  • Cable Material                        : High Purity Single Crystalline Copper Wire


Key Features:

  • Nanometer Thickness Diaphragm
  • Acoustically Invisible Stealth Magnet
  • Patented “Window Shade” System
  • Asymmetrical Ear Cups
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship
  • Sturdy 3.5mm User-replaceable Connector Design
  • Ergonomic and Comfortable Headband Design


Equipment’s used for this review:

  • Headphones                           : HiFiMAN Arya Organic
  • DAP’s                                     : iBasso DX260, HiBy R6 PRO II
  • DAC/AMP & Amplifier            :  FiiO Q15, Soncoz QXA1, FiiO K9


Albums & tracks used for this review:

  • Norah Jones – Come Away With Me (Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • Adele – My Little Love (Deezer HiFi)
  • Sarah McLachlan – Angel (Flac 24bit/48kHz)
  • Sertap Erener – Aşk (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Edith Piaf – Non Je Ne Regrette Rien (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Diana Krall – So Wonderful (DSF)
  • Aretha Franklin – I Say A Little Payer (Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • George Michael – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me (Flac 24bit/192kHz)
  • David Bowie – Heroes (Flac 24bit/192kHz)
  • Elton John – Rocket Man ((Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • Barry White – Just The Way You Are (Flac 24bit/48kHz)
  • Isaac Hayes – Walk On By (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Sting – Englishman in New York – (Flac 24bit/48kHz)
  • Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight (Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • Dave Gahan – Kingdom (Tidal Hi-Fi)
  • Radiohead – Live in Berlin “Album” (Deezer HiFi)
  • Radiohead – Pyramid Song (Deezer HiFi)
  • U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Muse – Hysteria (Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Nobody Weird Like Me (Flac 24bit/48kHz)
  • Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • Bear McCreary’s – Valkyries (Deezer HiFi)
  • Bro Safari, UFO! – Drama (Deezer HiFi)
  • Armin Van Buuren – Vini Vici (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Daft Punk – Instant Crush (Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • Daft Punk – Doin’ it Right (Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • Lorde – Royals (Flac 24bit/48kHz)
  • Massive Attack – Angel (Flac 24bit/48kHz)
  • Toutant – Rebirth (Deezer HiFi)
  • Gogo Penguin – Raven (Flac 24bit/192kHz)
  • Gogo Penguin – Murmuration (Flac 24bit/192kHz)
  • Portishead – It Could Be Sweet (Spotify)
  • Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight (Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • Charly Antolini – Duwadjuwandadu (Flac 24bit/192kHz)
  • Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 5 (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Ferit Odman – Look, Stop & Listen (Flac 24bit/192kHz)
  • Chopin – Nocturn No. 20 In C-Sharp Minor (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Clair de Lune – Claude Debussy (Spotify)
  • Fazıl Say – Nazım Oratoryosu (Live) (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Vivaldi – Le QuarttroStagioni “The Four Season” (Deezer HiFi)
  • Miles Davis – So What (Deezer HiFi)
  • Otto Liebert& Luna Negra – The River (Flac 24bit/192kHz)
  • Lunatic Soul – The Passage (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Deftones – My Own Summer (Shove it) (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Metallica – Dyers Eve (Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • Metallica – Sad but True (Flac 24bit/96kHz)
  • Opeth – Windowpane (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Megadeth – Sweating Bullets (Tidal Hi-Fi)
  • Rush’s – Tom Sawyer (Flac 16bit/44.1kHz)
  • Slayer – Angel of Death (Spotify)
  • Liquid Tension Experiment 2 – Acid Rain (Spotify)
  • Yosi Horikawa – Bubbles (Spotify)


The Sound:

The HiFiMAN Arya Organic presents a compelling soundscape, prioritizing technical prowess while maintaining a musical character. The HiFiMAN Arya Organic prioritizes a clear and detailed sound over booming bass. It delivers tight, controlled low-end frequencies, ensuring a balanced presentation without sacrificing musicality. The Arya Organic excels in the midrange, showcasing exceptional detail and accurate portrayal of vocals and instruments. Listeners can expect a natural and engaging experience across various genres, with each instrument’s unique characteristics preserved. While maintaining HiFiMAN’s signature emphasis on treble, the Arya Organic offers a relative smoother approach compared to its siblings. This results in a bright and airy soundscape with minimal harshness, allowing instruments to shine without overwhelming the listener.

The review below is based on a listening experience after a burn-in period of approximately 120 hours. This extended use has yielded reportedly positive changes, particularly in the bass response (depth and impact) and upper midrange/treble presentation.



The HiFiMAN Arya Organic’s bass response extends down to a moderate level, prioritizing control and detail over aggressive low-end emphasis. This was pretty audible in songs like Daft Punk’s “Doin’ it Right,” where the sub-bass presence provides a subtle foundation without overwhelming the mix. The mid-bass region, crucial for instruments like electric bass and kick drums, is delivered with tightness and precision. This translates to a clear definition of individual notes, as evident in Lorde’s “Royals,” where the bassline remains distinct and impactful without spilling over into other frequencies.

The Arya Organic exhibits good speed in its bass response, ensuring fast and accurate transient response. This characteristic allows for the headphones to effectively reproduce the attack and decay of bass notes, creating a sense of rhythm and agility. This can be appreciated in Gogo Penguin’s “Raven,” where the rapid basslines are rendered with clarity and precision.

Overall was quite positively surprised by the Arya Organic in the bass department, which is reproduced in a pretty technical yet musical manner.



The HiFiMAN Arya Organic truly shines in its meticulous portrayal of midrange frequencies, earning its description as “organic.” This spectrum carries the essence of vocals and key instruments like guitars, pianos, and woodwinds. The Arya Organic delivers a remarkable level of detail, creating a captivating listening experience.

The Arya Organic reproduces both male and female vocals with exceptional realism. High notes are delivered with clarity and minimal sibilance, while low notes are rendered rich and full-bodied. This allows you to appreciate the nuances of vocalists across various genres, including Norah Jones, Adele, Edith Piaf, George Michael, David Bowie, and Elton John, in a natural and engaging manner.

The Arya Organic’s precision is not limited to vocals. The tonal characteristics of each instrument are preserved, including aspects like body, warmth, and breathiness. This results in a detailed portrayal of the instruments. All instruments within the midrange frequency range, such as guitars, pianos, and woodwinds, are presented with exceptional detail and clarity. The unique tone and character of each instrument are perfectly captured. The resonance of violin strings and the warmth and body of a cello are produced in a pretty musical and realistic manner.



One key characteristic shared by HiFiMAN headphones is a noticeable emphasis on the upper frequency range. However, the Arya Organic embodies this signature sound with a less aggressive approach compared to the company’s other planar models. This translates to a relatively bright and airy presentation, but one that is in general avoiding unwanted harshness. Tracks like Metallica’s “Sad but True” benefit from this, as the high-gain guitar riffs are delivered with clear extension, highlighting the attack and decay of each note without introducing significant sibilance. It’s important to note, that the “smooth character” mentioned doesn’t completely eliminate harshness or sibilance that may be inherently present in the source material.

The treble on Arya Organic is definitely noticeable. Some might call it “bright,” but I find it adds a lot of detail and clarity. It’s like the music comes alive with extra sparkle, especially the highs. However, it doesn’t become too harsh or overwhelming. It feels relative smooth and well-balanced, contributing to a wider soundstage where instruments are distinct.



The HiFiMAN Arya Organic’s extended treble response and the open-back nature plays a crucial role in its expansive soundstage atmosphere. The enhanced high-frequency response allows for a more accurate recreation of the delicate spatial information embedded in to the songs, which does the Arya Organic really well. This translates to a well-defined separation between instruments, particularly in the upper treble range where cymbals and high-pitched percussive elements reside.



The HiFiMAN Arya Organic refines the open-back headphone experience with its comfortable, ergonomic design featuring a combination of metal and lightweight plastic for durability. The unique wooden pattern on the ear cups adds a touch of luxury, while the Stealth Magnet technology and nanometer-thin diaphragm promise exceptional clarity and minimal distortion. While staying true to HiFiMAN’s clear and detailed sound signature, the Arya Organic boasts a smoother treble presentation compared to its siblings, resulting in a bright and airy soundscape that prioritizes musicality without listener fatigue. With its upgraded technical performance and refined sound signature, the Arya Organic stands out as a compelling option for audiophiles seeking a detailed, natural listening experience.


Pros & Cons: 

  • + Extremely Natural (Organic) Sound Profile
  • + Detailed and clear sound with a focus on technical prowess.
  • + Tight, controlled bass for a balanced presentation.
  • + Excellent midrange with accurate portrayal of vocals and instruments.
  • + Smoother treble compared to previous Arya models, resulting in a bright and airy soundscape with less listener fatigue.
  • + Lightweight construction.
  • + Signature HiFiMAN oval ear cups for a comfortable fit, especially for larger ears.
  • + Premium aesthetics with a unique wooden pattern on the ear cups (potentially real wood).


  • – Basic packaging with minimal extras
  • – The slightly elevated treble requires some intensive burn-in for a perfectly balanced sound.
  • – The focus on clarity might not be ideal for those seeking a bass-heavy sound experience.


Thank you for the Read!




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