[NEWS] FiiO Q7 Flagship DAC/Amplifier





[NEWS] FiiO Q7 Flagship DAC/Amplifier


The FiiO Q7 is the company’s new flagship All-in One USB & Bluetooth DAC/Amplifier in form of a transportable device that has a Dual Independent Power design and shares many similarities with FiiO’s M17 High-End Audio Player. The Q7 comes with some impressive features like the Flagship ESS ES9038Pro DAC Chipset, Dual THX AAA 788+ Balanced Headphone Amp Circuit that has a Five-Level gain Mode with up to 3000mW Output Power, the latest XMOS XU316 USB Processor, Qualcomm’s new QCC5124 BT SoC with LDAC, aptX HD, aptX LL, aptX, AAC, SBC audio codec support. Moreover, it is equipped with a wide variety of analog out and inputs including 1x 3.5mm, 1x 6.35mm Single Ended, 1x 4.4mm + 2.5mm Balanced outputs.




Technical Specs & Features:

  • DAC                 : ESS ES9038Pro DAC
  • Formats           : Up to 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and Native DSD512, Full MQA Decoding
  • Amplification    : Dual THX AAA 788+ Headphone Amp Circuit
  • USB Processor: XMOS XU316
  • Bluetooth SoC : Qualcomm QCC5124
  • BT Codec’s     : LDAC, aptX HD, aptX LL, aptX, AAC, SBC
  • Outputs           : 3.5mm SE, 6.35mm SE, 4.4mm Balanced, 2.5mm Balanced
  • Input                : USB Type-C, Coaxial, Optical and Bluetooth input
  • Max Output     : up to 3000mw @ 32 Ohm
  • SNR                : ≥125dB (A-weighted)
  • THD+N            : ≤0.0003% (1kHz/-3dB@300ohm)
  • IPS Screen      : 1.3 inch IPS Color Display 240×240 Resolution
  • Battery             : 9200mAh
  • Battery Life      : 11 H SE Output in Enhanced Mode / 9 hours under balanced output.



ES9038PRO flagship DAC:

Both the Left and the Right Audio Channels of the FiiO Q7 are equipped with a Desktop-Class, 8-Channel ES9038PRO flagship DAC. This means that each audio channel has 8 parallel outputs summed together for superior resolution and minimal distortion for extremely pure audio reproduction. The ES9038 Pro is a 32-bit DAC chipset that handles up to 32-bit/768kHz PCM, DSD512 via DoP.


Dual THX AAA 788+ Headphone Amp Circuit:

The THX AAA 788+ amp originally designed for desktop usage is featured in a 4-way truly balanced amplifier circuit and comes with a “Five Levels” of mixed gains in order to pair it from sensitive In-Ear Monitors up to High demanding Headphone. When the Enhanced over-ear headphone mode is enabled in DC-powered mode, the output power will be improved 100% than battery-powered mode, from 1500mW to 3000mW.


  • Output Power 1: ≥500mW (32ohm/SE/Portable mode/THD+N<1%)
  • Output Power 2: ≥1500mW (32ohm/BAL/Portable mode/THD+N<1%)
  • Output Power 3: ≥1100mW (32ohm/SE/Enhanced Over-Ear Headphone mode/THD+N<1%)
  • Output Power 4: ≥3000mW (32ohm/BAL/Enhanced Over-Ear Headphone mode/THD+N<1%)


XMOS XU316 Processor:

The FiiO Q7 is equipped with a XMOS XU316 USB Processor that features 16-cores that is coupled with dual audio clocks in order to archive ultra-low latency. The XU316 USB processor supports PCM 768K, DSD512 and MQA full decoding.


Qualcomm QCC5124 BT SoC:

The FiiO Q7 comes with Qualcomm’s latest QCC5124 Bluetooth chipset that supports high-resolution Bluetooth connectivity. It supports high-resolution wireless codec’s including LDAC, APTX HD, AptX Adaptive, AAC and SBC.


FiiO’s Digital Control Core Center:

The Q7 features FiiO’s self-developed digital control core center. This control chip is powered by an ARM Cortex M4 processor that can efficiently handle multiple tasks such as clock management, USB decoding, and optical decoding to optimize the sound performance. To further enhance sound quality, the digital and analog sections are physically separated on different boards with shield covers.


Independent Power Supply Design:

The FiiO Q7 can be operated in either DC or battery-powered modes same like the M17 DAP. Thanks to the large 9200mAh battery, it can work for 11 hours under single-ended output in Enhanced over-ear headphone mode, and 9 hours under balanced output.


IPS Display:

The FiiO Q7 comes with a color display located on the top of the device. It’s a 1.3 inch IPS color display with a pixel density of 240×240 that seems to be the same Display UI that was found on the BTR7.


Price & Availability:

The MSRP (in the US market) goes to 749.99 USD and will be available on FiiO’s Official AliExpress Store this Month (October).


FiiO Q7 Design:


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