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Kinera Imperial Odin: Seven upgrades Over Original Odin Flagship Multi-BA IEM


Kinera is on an update spree for all of its flagship IEM sets, it was just last month when they released an updated Kinera Nanna 2.0 Pro with improved cable, better shell design, and a few more updates. Today, Kinera has announced an update to the very first of its flagship multi-BA IEMs Kinera Odin, the latest model is now called Kinera Imperial ODIN. ODIN has been one of the most successful pairs of flagship-IEMs from Kinera housing a premium 8 BA driver configuration per side.

Similar to the Nanna upgrade, Odin has received a series of upgrades starting from a new packaging to unique, hand-painted shells, better accessories in the package, a new imported acoustic tube design, and many more. With all these upgrades the latest Kinera Odin has also got a slight bit of increase in the MSRP.

While the OG Odin was available for 799$, the latest one is priced at 849$.


Price & Availability:

Kinera Imperial Odin is officially launched and is available to order from our store for 849$. Check out more details here.



New Key Updates In Kinera Imperial Odin:


  • Hand-Painted Ear Cavities.
  • Designer Packaging with Slogan.
  • Custom Set of Ear Tips.
  • Leather Zipper Carry Case.
  • Premium Copper and Silver-Plated Hybrid cable with Metallic connectors and Balanced 4.4mm Termination.
  • Metallic Ear Nozzle.
  • Imported 3D Acoustic Tube Design.


Technical Specifications:

  • 8 high-performance BA drivers(4 Knowles+4 Sonion).
  • Impedance: 24 ohms.
  • Sensitivity: 116+/-1dB.
  • Frequency Range: 5Hz-50kHz.
  • Balance 4.4 Termination.
  • Standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.


Individually Hand-Painted Ear Shells with Metallic Ear Nozzle:

The Original Odin was available in two different color options, Violet and Black with a sparkly gold-foil texture. Kinera has redesigned the ear cavities in the Imperial Odin with a unique hand-painted design on each unit. The pair features a premium black color shell with thunderous lightning hand-painted design. This thunder lightning design makes the pair look more familiar to ODIN, the Norse God. The Resin ear nozzle on the OG Odin is also replaced by metallic nozzles in the new model.


Imported Acoustic Tube Design:

Kinera Imperial Odin utilizes a premium acoustic cavity consisting of three high-density mirror material tubes with different lengths of 15mm, 12mm, and 8mm respectively. It helps in effectively reducing the distortion and sound overlapping issues caused by multiple drivers.


Updated Set Of Accessories:-

Kinera Imperial Odin comes with a new set of custom-ear tips and a premium leather zipper carry case. The package includes Custom JH-FY009-B ear tips along with the regular Final Audio Type-E, Custom Foam, and Custom RS-B45 ear tips. The new premium carry case is up to today’s standards, the previous model came bundled with a simple plastic carry case.

Eight Driver Multi-BA Setup Per Side:

Each earpiece of Kinera Imperial Odin features a high-performance driver setup of eight balanced armature drivers. Kinera has carefully chosen 4 drivers from Sonion and 4 from Knowles to create an exceptionally natural sound output.

Premium 33AJ007J/9 drivers are arranged in a 2×2 arrangement for Mid and low-frequency response. The mid and high frequencies are produced by two Knowles 29689 drivers and two Knowles SWFK31736 are arranged for a smooth high-frequency response. These drivers are arranged in a 4-way frequency crossover with 3-way channel distribution for high-resolution distortion-free output.




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