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xDuoo XD10 Poke Review

The xDuoo XD10 Poke is a DAC/AMP with a relative flat sound signature and a pretty neutral tonality, which should be the main attraction of any DAC or DAC/AMP on the market. It was able to run my power hungry …..

Fiio M7 Review

The Fiio M7 gives you all what you should expect form a $200 USD device. The M7 is a DAP with a warm tonality, which shares a moderate level of detail and a soft/relaxing sound …..

iBasso DX150 is ready for shipment

iBasso taking orders for the DX150 and its ready for shipment… After the success of the DX200, iBasso unveiled the DX150, which has a dual AK4490EQ DAC chip on board. The DX150 has also a replaceable amplifier section like the...