FiiO Announced New Flagship IEM’s FiiO FD7 and FiiO FDX





FiiO Announced two New Flagship IEM’s FiiO FD7 and FiiO FDX



FiiO announced today on its Autumn Launch Event, two brand New flagship IEM’s the FiiO FDX and the FD7. The FiiO FDX is their 14th Anniversary Limited Collector’s Edition In-Ear Monitor. Both models do feature a 12mm diameter Single Dynamic Driver with a 12mm Beryllium Diaphragm, while the main differences between the FDX and the FD7 are mainly the cables included and the appearance.



Both the FiiO FD7 and the FiiO FDX offers a top-tier pure beryllium dynamic driver capable of 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux, front acoustic prism, semi-open acoustic design, anti-standing wave “volcanic field” system, and 3 pairs of interchangeable sound tubes.



Both the FiiO FD7 and the FDX follows the rounded design of the FD5. The FD7 will have a nice black fisnish with some small details in gold color.



The whole body of the FiiO FDX is plated with 24K gold for a luxurious texture and glossiness, especially in the light and shadow. On the rear panel of the FDX, there are 30 imitation diamonds for each earphone unit in a cupid-cut style.


The FD7 includes a pure silver cable made from high-purity monocrystalline pure silver with 4 strands in a total of 224 wires, while both of them are designed with a swappable audio plug.


The FDX has a gold-silver-copper hybrid braided cable, with 4 strands in a total of 240 wires. All the metal fittings for the cable are plated with gold. Besides, the twist-lock interchangeable audio plugs for 2.5/3.5/4.4 sizes+angled.


The rear cavity of both IEM’s uses a “volcanic field” system developed by FiiO. It can reduce standing waves and distortion and overall improve the diffusion of bass waves through the special structure design. In addition, we also apply the semi-open acoustic design and front acoustic prism.



The FDX is limited to 1000 units worldwide and each IEM comes with a unique serial number. It comes with a high-end wooden case with an exclusive memorial badge for FiiO’s 14th anniversary.


Price & Availability:

FiiO says that due to the rareness and expensiveness of pure beryllium, there are a very limited number of pure beryllium earphones on the market. FiiO hopes that such products can reach more consumers. The FiiO FD7 will have a MSRP price of about $599.99 USD (US market), while the14th Anniversary Limited Collectors Edition will be sold for about $799.99 USD (US market).

FDX will be available in a few days on foreign markets while the FD7 is expected to be available in late September.





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