MEZE Audio introduces “Elite Epoque” Limited Edition Headphone




MEZE Audio introduces their “Elite Epoque” Limited Edition Headphone


MEZE Audio has been founded by Antonio Meze in 2009 in Baia Mare, Romania who was looking for a pair of headphones that he could connect in the same way that he felt connected to his Fender Stratocaster guitar. The company is specialized in development, design of Headphones, In-Ear Monitor and Cables.


MEZE Audio is now celebrating this holiday season with a new project the “Elite Epoque”, which is described by the company as a perfect synthesis of art and technology with target audience such like audiophiles, art enthusiasts and collectors.

The Epoque is derived from the original Elite, which is the flagship headphone of the company. According to MEZE Audio, the design of “Elite Epoque” is inspired by the artistic philosophies of “Art Nouveau”.



Epoque is the perfect reflection of our artistic sensibilities.” – Antonio Meze, Lead Designer and Founder of Meze Audio.



The Headphone frame is made from CNC milled aluminum material that features a sophisticated finish in shades of gray, inspired by iconic works of architecture, paintings and designs that defined the “Art Nouveau” movement, which reflects patterns and texture from the nature.



The stems and flowers were hand-applied with precision on the CNC aluminum cups, as well as on the carbon fiber headband.



The painting process of the MEZE Audio Elite Epoque is a complex process since each frame taking more than a day to complete, before final assembly.



Packaging & Accessories:

This exclusive pair comes with two sets of earpads – one Hybrid, one Alcantara – and a silver-plated PCUHD premium cable of your choice.



Price & Availability:

The MEZE Audio Elite Epoque is now available for $5000/€5000 depending on your location. More Information can be found under the links below;



Photo Gallery:

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