AFUL Introducing SnowyNight: Portable USB DAC/AMP Dongle


AFUL Introducing SnowyNight: Portable USB DAC/AMP Dongle


AFUL is introducing the “SnowyNight” a portable digital-to-analog converter (DAC) equipped with dual CS43198 flagship DAC chips. It supports high-resolution audio formats up to 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD256, offering high fidelity sound reproduction with ultra-low distortion (THD+N ≤ 0.0037%). The SnowyNight boasts a compact design yet delivers up to 300mW of power, suitable for driving demanding headphones. It features both 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs for compatibility with various setups. The unit is constructed with durable materials and features a sleek design. It includes a 6N single-crystal copper USB Type-C connector cable for a high-quality signal path.


Key features:

  • Dual CS43198 flagship DAC chips
  • Supports 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD256
  • Ultra-low distortion (THD+N ≤ 0.0037%)
  • Up to 300mW output power
  • 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs
  • Solid build and sleek design
  • 6N single-crystal copper USB Type-C connector cable


Signal Stability and Fidelity:

The performance differences between desktop and portable setups were investigated by AFUL, who recognized the often superior performance of coaxial connections over USB. They did not simply accept this limitation, but embarked on a mission to improve USB transmission in the SnowyNight. Their enhanced USB cable, engineered with high-purity 6N single-crystal copper, aims to achieve high levels of signal fidelity. Shielding protects the signal from external interference, enhancing its sonic purity.

Power Delivery and Performance:

Clean power delivery is essential for unveiling the true potential of audio. The AFUL SnowyNight adopts a low-power input design, channeling power directly from the source device. This, along with carefully crafted audio circuitry, assures clean and precise power transmission, laying the foundation for an immersive listening experience.

Fidelity Decoding, Improved:

The AFUL SnowyNight’s dual CS43198 flagship DAC chips enable the exploration of the vast landscape of high-resolution audio. Decoding capabilities are improved, handling 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD256 formats. The detail and dynamic range of every track are presented, as intended by the artist.


Clarity and Noise Reduction:

High signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance is a characteristic of transparent audio. The SnowyNight has an impressive 125dB SNR through the 3.5mm port and a remarkable 130dB through the 4.4mm, effectively reducing noise and leaving only the purity of the music. The noise floor, at 1uV (3.5mm) and 1.5uV (4.4mm), is inaudible, demonstrating the SnowyNight’s dedication to sonic clarity.


Power and Connectivity:

The SnowyNight’s amp section delivers up to 300mW of power, ready for demanding headphones. It drives favorite in-ear monitors and even some headphones, ensuring dynamic performance of the music. The AFUL SnowyNight offers dual 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs, catering to different listening preferences.


Technical Specifications:

  • Model                          : SnowyNight
  • DAC Chips                  : 2xCS43198
  • Birtate                         : 32-Bit/786kHz PCM, DSD256, DoP256
  • Output Ports               : 3.5mm Single Ended + 4.4mm Balanced
  • Frequency Range      : 20Hz-20kHz
  • SNR                            : 125dB(3.5mm), 130dB(4.4mm)
  • Noise Floor                 : 1uV(3.5mm), 1.5uV(4.4mm)
  • THD+N                        : Single-ended = <0.00037%(1kHz@32Ω) / Balanced = <0.00037%( 1kHz/-6dB@32Ω)
  • DNR                            : 125dB(3.5mm), 130dB(4.4mm)
  • Operating Voltage      :  4.2V~5.3V
  • Output Level               : 1Vrms(3.5mm, Low-Gain), 2Vrms(3.5mm, High-Gain), 2Vrms (4.4mm,Low-Gain), 4Vrms(4.4mm, High-Gain)
  • Output Power             : 140mW-300mW


Price & Availability:

The Estimated Price for the AFUL SnowyNight is around $109.00 USD. More information’s can be found under the link below;


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