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MITER Earphone & DAP Storage Case




The company MITER is a Korean company that is well know with its Leather Cases for DAP’s like for those of companies like Sony, Iriver, iBasso, FiiO, Chord, Hiby and many more. MITER is also producing products for Mobile Phones (Apple), eBooks (Sony, Crema, Paper) and Tablets (Samsung) and now Multi Earphone Storage cases.


The MITER case that I will know review for you is a Multi Earphone and DAP storage case with compartments.





The MITER Earphone & DAP storage case was provided to me by MITER for review purposes. I am not affiliated with MITER or any third person/party beyond this review and all these words reflect my true and unaltered, opinions about the product.




Price & Availability:

The actual MSRP price for the MITER Earphone & DAP storage case is about $79.00USD. More information’s can be found under the links below;





Package and Accessories:

The MITER Multi Carrying Case came in a black cardboard box with some brandings and information’s about the product. The package was damaged, which is the reason it won’t show up on my review.

Inside the box are the following Items/Accessory’s:

1 x MITER Multi Earphone & DAP storage case

3 x Small Partitions

2 x Large Partitions

1 x Hardcover

2 x Leather Straps (1x Blue & 1x Green)





Design and Build Quality:

The MITER Multi Carrying Case is a “Handmade” product same like other MITER products and you can immediate see and feel that this case is of very High Quality, from the used material up to the smallest ditches.

The case is covered with a nice fabric material that has a premium look and feel, which is available in two different color options, one in Blue and one in Grey color same like my review sample.

The case is nicely large with its dimensions of about 260mm (10.2inch) * 185mm (7.3inch) * 57mm (2.24inch).

The inner surface of the case is covered with a fabric material that is ideal for the use with Velcro surfaces.


Near the edge, right on the surface of the top cover is a label made of leather with the MITER (Classic) branding.

Inside the case, right at the center positioned is a magnetic kickstand with sliding mechanism that you can use with your favorite DAP’s which is a really nice addition.

The case is highly customizable thanks to the movable and removable partitions that do have Velcro parts on both sides that will easily stick to the fabric surface of the inside coating.

The hardcover which is coated with the same fabric material offers additional protection.

So, how about the usability?


The MITER Multi Earphone & DAP storage case is able to store and to protect your Earphones and DAP’s in 3 different variations thanks partitions.


Here are some combinations;


  • 1 Digital Audio Player + 4 IEM’s/Earphones

  • 6 IEM’s/Earphones

  • 3x Digital Audio Players or 2x DAP’s and 2x Earphones/IEM’s



The MITER Multi Earphone & DAP storage case is a highly versatile product that will protect your favorite IEM’s/Earphones and your DAP’s from impacts, dusts and scratches, while the kickstand and the leather straps are some very nice additions. Highly Recommended!



Pros and Cons:

  • + Premium Look & Feel
  • + Quality Craftsmanship
  • + Highly Versatile (Up to 3 Different Storage Combinations)
  • + Leather Straps & Magnetic Kickstand are some nice additions


  • – None


Thank you for the Read!







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