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MITER iBasso DX160 Leather Case



The company MITER is a Korean company that is well know with its Leather Cases for DAP’s like for those of companies like Sony, Iriver, iBasso FiiO, Chord, Hiby and many more. MITER is also producing products for Mobile Phones (Apple), eBooks (Sony, Crema, Paper) and Tablets (Samsung).

The leather case that I will know review for you is the one that was specially produced for the iBasso DX160.




The MITER iBasso DX160 Leather Case was provided to me by MITER for review purposes. I am not affiliated with MITER or any third person/party beyond this review and all these words reflect my true and unaltered, opinions about the product.




The Price:

The MITER Leather Case for iBasso DX160 can be purchased from the links below;




Package and Accessories:

The MITER Case for iBasso DX160 came in a black cardboard box with a nice textured surface which sports the MITER brand logo in silver color on the top of the upper cover.

On the left corner of the upper cover is a small sticker that gives information’s like product description, origin and the color of the leather case.

The DX160 Leather Case was put in to a nice cloth bag in white color which has also the MITER brand logo on the top.





Design and Build Quality:

The MITER Leather Case for iBasso DX160 is available in two different color options which are the one in Black and the one in Navy (blue) color.

The DX160 case is Hand Made with the combination of two different materials. The outer surface is made of PU (Polyurethane) which is a Synthetic type of Faux Leather that was made and imported from Italy.

The inner surface or also known as lining is made of suede material which offers a soft protective surface against scratches.

Here you can find also the descripton “Designed by MITER Made In Korea”.

On the front of the MITER case has a fine/thin and neat frame that fits perfectly to the gorgeous screen of the DX160.

At the backside of the Leather Case is the MITER brand logo that is engraved to the surface.

On the left side is an opening for the volume wheel and the markings/guides in the form of the buttons for an easier navigation.

At the bottom is a second opening for the 4.4mm Balanced (Pentaconn) output and the 3.5mm phone out of the DX160.

The MITER case doesn’t affect the comfort & usability of the buttons which are now behind the case.

The MITER leather case has a very nice surface texture and fits perfectly with the DX160. The leather case will most likely protect the device against small impacts (maybe with exception of the top left corner) from a low height and from possible scratches.

The overall craftsmanship of the MITER leather case for the DX160 is top notch!




The MITER leather case for the iBasso DX160 is a product of high quality that looks and feels great which I highly recommend, especially compared to the silicone case that was included by iBasso in the standard packaging.




Pros and Cons:

  • + High Quality Craftsmanship
  • + Fits nicely to the DX160
  • – None




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